The Importance of Regularly Changing Your Oil

Changing your oil regularly ranks among the most important things you can do for your vehicle. Each moving part in your engine requires lubrication to run smoothly, and during the course of normal operation, these moving parts shed minuscule particles of metal that end up in the oil. Along with dust and other matter embedded in it, your oil ceases to perform its function correctly over time.

In addition to lubricating and cleaning your engine, oil performs other tasks. As your engine parts move, they generate heat. Oil helps to reduce friction, lowering the heat pockets in your engine to a more uniform temperature. Clean oil can also improve your gas mileage, as a dirty engine must work harder. Over time, this could cost you money in the form of wasted gallons of gas. Regular oil changes also extend the longevity of your engine, allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

Your owner's manual will recommend the ideal oil change schedule for your Hyundai vehicle, as well as stating the correct viscosity corresponding to the season. Cold temperatures make oil thicken, which reduces its efficacy, so a lower viscosity oil works better in the winter. In the summer, the reverse is true, with high temperatures making the oil thin, requiring a thicker oil to maintain the same coverage.

If you have the interest or skill in changing your own oil, it's a task that can bring you a lot of satisfaction as you ensure what's best for your vehicle. If you're not particularly inclined to do it, you can bring your Hyundai vehicle in to Route 44 Hyundai in Raynham for regular oil changes. Our certified mechanics are experts in all aspects of Hyundai engineering and repair. We use only manufacturer recommended oil blends to keep your engine performing at its best. Check regularly with us for discounts on oil changes and other repair work, so that you can save even more money when maintaining your Hyundai vehicle.

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